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Has the prospect of moving into a bigger and better home been in your plans? Well, now could be just the right time to make it happen.

You may be surprised to learn that the cost of moving up is within your means. The equity you have already built up in your current home can often handle the down payment for your next home. And, with today's mortgage rates in the lowest range they have been for almost 30 years, carrying charges need not be much larger than what you've been used to paying. A REALTOR® can help you calculate carrying costs on a "move up" home.

The desire to move to a larger home is often the result of changing needs for you and your family: a new child is on the way and you need a nursery; the children are growing up and need their own rooms and more space to play; you are tired of walking through the rain with groceries from your garage to your house so you want an attached garage; you need more space to build a home office now that you are self-employed; or maybe you simply need a change of scenery.

There are as many reasons as there are different lifestyles. Whatever your reasons, moving up to a new home can intensify the joys of home ownership. There are both practical and emotional reasons for moving up to a better home. On the practical side, the equity in your home will continue to grow and the value of a bigger and better home will be greater over time. On the emotional side, the pride of ownership in a bigger house will probably be even stronger than the feeling you had when you bought your first home years ago.

As with every major decision, the key component in the beginning is thoughtful planning. Your options can be confusing at times and a REALTOR® can help you make the right choices.

Location, of course, will be one of the first choices you will need to make. There are almost as many individual choices on location as there are homes. If you want to move closer to the urban core, you can be sure that there are people who are just as eager to move to the suburbs. If you want a house on a bigger lot to indulge in gardening, there is bound to be someone looking for a smaller lot with less maintenance required. The main thing to remember is that right now the selection of homes is great.

Moving up to meet changes in circumstances and lifestyle can be an exhilarating experience. And, given the current housing market, now is an ideal time to give it serious consideration.

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